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28 Jan 2012
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I believe you are bringing a USB3 scope to the market place with isolated inputs and ethernet PC link?

I am looking for a USB scope that will allow fast streaming of automotive data when looking for intermittent engine glitches. Are you yet able to say when these might hit the shelves, and how much acquisition memory they will have, i am really hoping at least 32m to compete with or hopefully surpass the Pico automotive scopes. Thanks, if you have even the roughest guide to pricing i would be extremely interested to hear it. Good luck, I am hoping streaming via USB3 will make my diagnostics easier.

4 Feb 2012
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Hello Basil,
We will be bringing out a USB 3 scope, but it is not ready yet.
However, our existing scope, with USB 2, can stream 2 analog channels + 8 digtal channels to the PC at 1.5 MSPS. This is probably fast enough for detecing engine glitches. You can stream for around 400G samples (74 hours at 1.5 MSPS).

Alternately, if you can define a trigger event, you can save time stamped files to hard drive every time a trigger occurs. In this way you can take snap shots of the trigger event (before and after) at full rate (100 MSPS), and then examine each trigger as a slide show later. You could leave it running over night for example.

For streaming, acquisition memory is only used as a temporary buffer - the main storage is on disk. For instantaneous capture sample memory is important. Our current unit has 8M sample memory per channel, but this is split into two or more 4M frames. A 4M frame means you can capture 80ms with a 10ns resolution. With an engine, I would have thought you could sample slower than this, and therefore get more time - for example 4 seconds at 1us sample resolution. If you want more, that's where the streaming comes in! Our new unit offers 512 M samples of high speed storage per channel.

11 Feb 2012
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Thanks for the detailed reply, when you say "our new unit" are you speaking of the USB3 one when it is released? If so can you give me any idea at all of pricing? Thanks, I appreciate the depth of reply you gave me, all the best.
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