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7 Feb 2012
Posts: 21

Make possible a new kind of display, in which Channel B controls the X-axis, similiar to the
external horizontal input on traditional scopes. One use for this would be to turn the CS into a curve tracer, where chA is current , ch B is voltage.

10 Feb 2012
Posts: 477

Perhaps it is already there. We call it the X-Y graph. use View/XY Display to see it.

It displays A on the vertical and B on the horizontal. You can do curve tracing by using the CS700A sig gen to generate a DC ramp to stimulate the device under test (eg FET, diode, Valve), and then using A to look at the result (eg current), and B the stimulus (eg Zener Voltage).

To make a low frequency Ramp, Set the Waveform to DC, set the Min and Max DC values, and the DC increment. Set the Sweep time. (Make sure Sweep method is set to Sweep ...)

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