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8 Feb 2012
Posts: 11

Does cleverscope has option of showing rise time / fall time of pulse?
or we have to calculate it by zooming the graph?

10 Feb 2012
Posts: 481

Hello Vikas,
We have a new update in the downloads page that gives you pulse information.

Use View/Signal Information to see the signal information. Then select the 'Pulse' option for Time Info. This will display a variety of pulse information. The rise and fall times are labelled as 0 -> 1 Time and 1 -> 0 Time. They are measured between the 10% and 90% amplitude points, and use interpolation to improve accuracy. To get best results make sure that the time axis has sufficient resolution for the waveform you are measuring.

The pulse system handles both positive and negative logic, and assumes that the waveform level at the left hand side of the scope graph is the '0' level. Move the graph around to get it the way you want.

You can also send the pulse values to Excel using DDE. See Help/About DDE..

We have also added a new 'Count' process to Maths, so that you can count pulses in an interval.

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