averaging in frequency domain vs. time domain

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24 Feb 2012
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As I mentioned on the telephone, I would like to use the averaging function on the power spectrum, but have the scope graph show the real time, un-averaged signal.

Here are three ways to implement this:

1) Control Panel: separate “Averaging” buttons for time and frequency domain. This might confuse users, and adds “clutter” to the already complex GUI.

2) Acquire mode: Auto mode would use averaging in the frequency domain, but not in the time domain mode. This is consistent with the idea that “Auto” is for noise signals, where time domain averaging is not helpful, but frequency domain averaging is valid. Triggered mode would apply averaging to both time and frequency domain, which is logical for a periodic signal with superimposed noise or interference.

3) Settings/Averaging: The default mode would apply average to both time and frequency domains, as in the current implementation. The user could select:
“Do not average Scope Graph display”, so that averaging would only affect the
Spectrum graph.

29 Feb 2012
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Hello Bryan,
Currently we average in the time domain if 'Triggered' (ie we have a coherent trigger), and in the Frequency Domain if Auto (assuming no coherent trigger). However, as you say, we average only if the averaging button is pressed. You are suggesting that if Averaging is selected, and Auto is being used, then the time domain is not averaged, but the frequency domain is.

But many people use Auto capture as standard, on the assumption that there is a trigger, and for them, being able to average in the time domain is still useful.

I think we will go with Option 3. We'll put it on our list.
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