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4 Apr 2012
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I have Cleverscope 328A.
I just installed software on Win7 Prof. and experience bunch of "bugs"...
First one is time axes (freq in spec analyser) is weird off so i cannot see time dev prefix (see the picture attached).
I probably have enlarged win system font but that should not present a problem for your software?!

Also zooming/changing axes scaling one way works but the other does not (i.e. i can zoom out voltage or time but cannot zoom back in using any method, scroller wheel, buttons, ctrl-L L/D arrow, whatever i use it does not work both ways), i have to use autoset to get back, and that one i sluggish compared to some other Scope, FFT, MLS software i used (in that case i recommend visual analyzer just to feel for really nice free scope FFT SW))
Buttons so small, that is funny, font is enlarged like you suggested in one of the articles on the forum.
Forum does not have search so i cannot help to ask questions that might already been asked before.


9 May 2012
Posts: 481

Hello Sorry about the huge time taken here.
Somehow you have lost your Cleverscope.ini file. We will look into it.
In the meantime open Notepad as an admin, and create a file called Cleverscope.ini in the C:\Program Files\Cleverscope directory. Make sure the Cleverscope.exe is closed.
Copy these lines into it

appFont=""Tahoma" 13"
dialogFont=""Tahoma" 13"
systemFont=""Tahoma" 13"

That should fix it.
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