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7 May 2012
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I have 2 CS328 and connected them for 4-channel use.
I have just performed a full install on a laptop I had running vista and downloaded and unzipped the 4-ch app into the Program files - Cleverscope folder.
The short explanation beside the "CScope 4 Channel" file on your downloads page mentions that I should be getting more details in a pdf coming with the downloaded file: "The Four channel application pdf tells you what you need to know"...
...Well there is no pdf coming with this 4-ch app zip file.
I would appreciate if you fixed this on the website and/or you emailed me this file.e
I did give it a shot and started the 4-ch app, which quickly prompted me to browse and select the lvinput.dll library in the data folder but I only found a file name close to that and that's what I loaded: lvinputCS.dll.
The application started successfully after this point and I didn't get to use it much but it seems to be running.
Of course, I hope to be getting useful details about the 4-ch operation contained in this pdf document I am looking for.
Thank you and wish you a bright week in NZ
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