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23 Jun 2012
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We recently encountered issues with our CS320A-4M. After using the oscilloscope for a long time (round about four hours) the device is not able to take any more measurements. Re-initializing the device is possible but acquiring new data is not (CAUstatus = 2).
Turning it off and on again and resetting the software/computer also doesn't help. We have to wait at least 30min to be able to take measurements again.

So we assume some overheating issue. Did anyone have the same problem?
The oscilloscope is used at room temperature (~ 25°C).
Could there also be a different issue or something we can debug to further investigate the problem?

2 Jul 2012
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We would not expect overheating to cause problems. We do have acquisition units being used at 40 deg ambient without problem.

I think this is actually a problem with your individual unit. The correct thing is for us to swap units with you. Please send us an email, and we will sort it out.

7 Dec 2012
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We've been having similar overheating problems with our cleverscope too, It tends to hover around 46degC but then increases with a high duty operation and eventually locks up and everything needs to be reset.

though our room is warm, it seems like there isn't any type of cooling for the cleverscope. I am tempted to drill some venting holes in the box and mounting a fan on top.

unless you have any other suggestions. Maybe newer models don't have this problem?

our device is:
SN: DJ5251


20 Mar 2013
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Hello, we have done extensive testing, and we believe that a defective FPGA firmware build is the cause of these problems. We have just release 6463, with which we have been doing continuous operation over the last month, with internal temperatures cycling between 50 deg C and 60 deg C.

So in answer to both of you, we would be grateful if you could update your firmware to 6463, and verify that this fixes the problem. Thanks - any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

24 Apr 2013
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Just as a further statement - if you have a problem with Cleverscope, please get back to us directly at support@cleverscope.com. That way we can quickly deal with your problem. We've been a bit hermit like with the forum recently while we concentrate on all the new things that are coming.

On the overheating side, we believe we have seen a small handful of heat related hardware issues in the last 5 years, over thousands of Cleverscopes. These have been cause by BGA solder joints that open as the unit heats up. Again if you have a problem, ask us directly to help. We will do our best to make sure that you quickly get working again.
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