Lock Up on Windows 7

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8 Oct 2012
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When I use my CS328 (running app version 4.667), it seems to run fine, until I try to use auto trigger mode. Then, it will run for a few seconds, and hang for at least 10-20 seconds, then start for another few, then hang,... sometimes locking up the computer permanently. I have disabled everything but Microsoft services and apps from Startup, with no difference. There is no problem running the app using the simulated source, or the sound card, as the acquirer.

Any ideas?



11 Oct 2012
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Hello Mike,
sorry - we answered this by email.
The reason this is happening is that app 4.667 requires firmware 6456 or later to work properly. If the firmware has not been updated, you will see the problems described. Please use Rom Laoder to update the firmware. We have just put up a video showing how to install an update, including firmware upgrade.
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