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Andrew Bourhill

3 Apr 2013
Posts: 5


I have been pouring over command_desc.doc for a while and was am intrigued with the signal generator functions. however It seems to me that the square wave is just that. its permanently 50% duty cycle or have I missed something.

although we currently do not use this feature and as such that module is not included in our h/w, if it does feature PWM then we most likely would.

if it doesn't are there any plans to implement this ?

kind regards


24 Apr 2013
Posts: 481

Hello Andrew,
currently the square is just that. But at the prodding of many others we are currently working on the AWG addition to the sig gen. The AWG feature allows the sig gen to produce low speed (100 ksps) arbitrary waveforms, but also to produce variable duty cycle square waves at up to 10 MHz, and defined format pulse trains. The AWG/Pulse train output is formatted into cycles, and you can output a set number of cycles or continuous. In addition you'll be able to trigger the AWG/pulse train from a range of conditions. We'll let you know when it is done.

21 Nov 2015
Posts: 2


An AWG feature would be most helpful and I've seen at least one other post that indicated it might be possible to go up to 1 MSps. Any progress on this feature or the FSK and PSK capabilities? For my immediate needs OOK would be sufficient.

What I would find very helpful would be a burst mode signal source (e.g. 10 cycles of a sine wave). Is there any way to achieve this under the 2.7 DLL? Currently I'm using the MATLAB environment for GUI and data processing. The primary application is measuring acoustic responses. I'd like to perform a frequency sweep of a burst sine wave (~10 cycles or maybe for 1 ms) and measure the response from a sensor located a few meters away over a time window of several milliseconds. In this sense, the signal source would cut off before the end of the acquisition window. This feature would be applicable for an array of acoustic applications, where signal injection duration may need to be small to avoid standing waves in a reverberant environment.


3 May 2016
Posts: 2


I'd appreciated it if you could post some updates with AWG or burst mode signal generation. I bought 2 units years ago and have not been able to use them for the intended application of developing an automated acoustic measurement system. It'd be really great to get some support for this. I don't care about supporting this feature through the LabVIEW gui, as I make function calls from MATLAB through the DLL.

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