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19 Apr 2013
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This is a dumb question, and it's probably been asked before, but is there a way for Cleverscope to collect data for a certain duration?

I would ideally like to record data for 2-5 minutes, but after resizing the Scope Display, I can only seem to go up to 40s (using "Single" acquire). Sometimes Cleverscope automatically goes to 20s - it's quite erratic.

Any tips?

24 Apr 2013
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Hello Rauy,
Not a dumb question. Our cleverscope application only captures for + or -22 seconds about the trigger point (that's +/- 2**32 x 10ns). You have two options:
1. Record the signal information data to a text or excel file. This gives you derived values (such as RMS, DC, the Marker voltage, Maths results etc) stored at a maximum of 20 samples per second. This can go as long as you want it. If you save to a text file, you can open the text file back into the Cleverscope app, and navigate as normal. To log with signal information use View/Signal Information, and then click the 'Show Logging Button'. Choose your information source. An update interval logs at the trigger rate. If you use Auto, and have the trigger set well away from a triggering voltage, it will log at 20 Frames/sec.

2. Read the attached file, which shows you how to download our beta which does Streaming to disk. With it, you can stream at up to 1.5 MSPS to disk continuously for hours, and then Pan and Review as necessary.

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