Cleverscope and Matlab .m files

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23 Apr 2013
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Cleverscope can plot Matlab graphs by using the Maths Equation Builder, but can it also make Matlab perform calculations AND display them in the Matlab command window?

I've got a function file which calls up a script file that does the calculations, but nothing shows up in the command window. The script file works and it also saves the results in an .mat file. However, I would really like everything to show up in Matlab.

I've tried modifying my function file to include the code from script file, but it just saves it in the .mat file.

24 Apr 2013
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Hello Rauy,
Good that you got the matlab interface working. We use the Matlab server to communicate with Matlab by sending it the commands to execute, which it does. I think the Matlab GUI works the same way - it sends the commands from the Matlab command window to the Matlab Server to be executed. So the problem is that we are side-by-side using the Matlab server.

You would like the matlab m commands to be sent to the server, and also converted into text and sent to the command window. We will do some research to see if this is possible, but we haven't come across it.
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