"Get Frame" crashes app on W7

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10 Jul 2013
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I updated to the latest 4.672 with firmware 6463. I have a CS328A. I frequently use the "Get Frame" feature to zoom into a large frame of data. With this recent update, I now get an out of memory error about every time when my acquire time is about 30 ms or larger and I try to "Get Frame". If it is less time than this it apparently has enough memory allocated.

Thoughts? Thanks!

10 Jul 2013
Posts: 24

Hi, we have not been able to replicate the problem here so would like you to send us your cleverscope.prf file so we can try to set up exactly the same. Because the prf is saved on successfully closing the application, you will need to set up the scope how you think it fails, close the app, reopen and run to confirm it crashes. Then send us the file from the Program Files/Cleverscope dir. On 64bit OS it is in the Program Files (x86)\Cleverscope dir and in Win 7 you will find it in the Virtual Store under your user name - on my PC that is C:\Users\Roger\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Cleverscope\cleverscope.prf

If you email that to me roger.carter at cleverscope.com we will investigate further.


12 Jul 2013
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Today the problem is not reproducible for me either. My machine did have a Windows update that restarted my machine. I wonder if that was all that was needed as I hadn't tried that. I noticed the problem directly after updating the PC app and the scope firmware (and resetting the scope's power).

Thanks for replying quickly. I'll follow up as you've suggested if I see the problem again.
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