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28 May 2014
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Try as I might, I can't get the trigger on my CS328 to do hold off - I feel really dim ! I want to look at some serial data, and just trigger on the first edge of the packet, and ignore all the other edges in the same packet.

I've explored the Trigger 2 setup....tell me I'm missing something ?

28 May 2014
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Hello Roger,
it is totally non-intuitive, and not entirely right, but this approach will work, as long as you are willing to wait until the second packet. There is a hole in our logic here, and we will think about how to put it right.

Say the serial data passed through 1V, and the active edge was rising.
Trigger 1 = Chan A falling, trigger = 1V
Trigger 2 = Chan A rising, trigger = 1 V
Use T1~2>max:count T2
set max to greater than the space between characters, but less than the period between messages.
Set count = 1
This should find the first rising edge in the packet!

I will check out if the CS328 can do this.
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