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25 Jun 2014
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I try to use any of the VI programs provided within tle driver zipped file downloaded from the cleverscope website. Ssytematically, I got a Labview 1003 error code as soon as labview needed to use the Ccontrol driver VI for instance to initialize my CS320a scope.
Thank you for your help

1 Jul 2014
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Error 1003 is a general Error meaning the VI is not executable. This is usually because there is a wiring error. The driver uses a dynamically run VI 'cscope control driver' for background operation. If this vi is being run by a different Labview version that it was made in, you will also get this error. So there are two solutions:
1. Make sure you use the same Labview version - what version are you using?
2. Rebuild the entire source using your version of Labview. Inside 'cscope control driver.llb' there is a vi called 'Cscope vi'. Open it, which will cause a compile, and then do 'Save All'. Verify there are no errors. After this close the Cscope vi, and then load Simple Run it with a connected Cleverscope, and all should be well.

Please let us know how you go.

8 Oct 2014
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I tried your procedure using the cscope container file and now it works.
I am going to proceed my tests further.
Many thanks and sorry for this too much delayed feedback.
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