CS320A needed new CMF file

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8 Jul 2014
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Hi i have purchased a CS320A a few years ago and now i installed th latest cleverscope software on a new machine with win7 and when connecting the scope it does not recognize it. on Cscope ROM loader it says:

Tasks: USB chip is working
Status: but incorrect USB binary

then down it has.

Program the USB chip using the latest .cmf file. close this program, cycle scope and program the cleverscope again.

the rom loader is 6.7

please help me out here.

thanks Timi

22 Jul 2014
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Hello Aliaj00,
sorry didn't see this post.
Please contact us direct via the 'Contact Us' page.
If you have 2007 CS320A that has never had the firmware updated, it needs to be updated, using Rom Loader as you say. If the USB chip firmware has got out of sync with the FPGA firmware, we will need to help you. We can supply older .cmf files that take you back to the the correct FPGA firmware, and then update both together to the latest. But we need you to contact us direct to get the .cmf file.

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