win 7 ethernet connection problem

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31 Jul 2014
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I have a dell D620 latitude laptop running windows 7. The Clever scope connection is via ethernet.

When I connect, the CAU shous up in the window, but connection test fails (red circle around question mark).

I have disabled wireless network, so only one NIC shows up.

I get the "warning: there is a pblem with the interface connection"

What should I do?

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31 Jul 2014
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Hell bnevins,
Looking at your files, you are using fixed IP for a PC to Cleverscope direct connection. As such the Subnet addresses for the Cleverscope and the PC have to match, and the PC and Cleverscope have to be set to using fixed IP. Now your Cleverscope is set for static IP, with an address of

However your NIC address is - I'd be guessing from a DHCP server. Because the first three numbers (ie the subnet) in the NIC and the Cleverscope don't match, you cannot connect.

Please follow the chapter 'Using Cleverscope on a Fixed IP Network' in the user manual. You can find the user manual with Start/All Programs/Cleverscope/Cleverscope Manual..

If you have problems please email using the Contact Us page.


2 Aug 2014
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I followed the instructions, using the same IP address listed there. It worked immediately!
You might give the chapter a subtitle "connecting CS directly to a computer with no router involved"

It's not obvious to analog people what a "fixed IP network" is .
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