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15 Sep 2014
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I recently purchased a Cleverscope for automotive diagnostics. Pico seems to be very popular for automotive diagnostics, and the specs. for the Cleverscope look as good or better, so it should work great. If anyone has tips or suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.

This unit was last updated in Oct. of 09..How do i go about updating this scope. Do i start updating by downloading and installing updates in Nov. of 09, one at a time until the latest is installed ?..Are there some that i dont need or some that i should not use because of the intended use ? Any help would be appreciated.


16 Sep 2014
Posts: 481

Hello sward441,
I'm going to assume you have the app installed.

To update your cleverscope download the latest update from our downloads page. Extract the contents of the zip to a directory, and run setup.exe. This will update your app. Open the file Cleverscope Update Instructions.pdf in the folder you made, and follow section 4.

If you do not have an app installed, download the full install from our downloads page, extract the contents of the zip to a folder, and run setup.exe. Do as above for updating the Cleverscope.

You do not have to update with any intermediate versions.

You should do a full calibration as in section 5, just this once, so you know what you've got.

Good luck!

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