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4 Apr 2015
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Hello, Bart!
I suppose that a built-in AUX DAC output with 12...14 bit resolution would be a very helpful feature.
For example, if one needs some complicated math post-processing of the acquired waveform (which is already built-in in Cleverscope) & the resultant data could be sent back to Cleverscope AWG or AUX DAC to form the output signal that could be looped back to the hardware under test or experimental equipment.
We had a task of forming HW loop with Synchro Detection function, usually carried out be the means of aux lock-in amplifier (Ametec or Stanford Research). After the lock-in detection, we have to send the signal to the external digital integrator or PID-regulator, & then loop back the output to our hardware under test. In such case, one usually needs a LabView on PC with some NI DAC-ADC cards to post-process the signal.
It would be nice to eliminate all this external features if we could use the build-in math post-processing of the signal and send the resulted data to the build-in DAC directly.
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