gain/phase margin of SMPS

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29 Apr 2015
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I would like to as the question about bode plot of Switchmode power supply.

Can i use the CS328A FRA for offline Switch mode power supply to measure gain/phase margin of it?

second question, Can i use CS328A FRA for 45V output Switch mode power supply (AC/Dc converter)?

Please reply me as soon as possible.


8 May 2015
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Sorry - emailed, but forgot to post.
Yes you can used the CS328A FRA to measure the gain/phase of an off line power supply. The CS701 allows injecting signal into the feedback path with up to 300V Class II isolation.

If you are measuring a 45V output power supply you will either need to set the probes to 10x (for sub 10 Hz response) or use AC coupling.

So both are possible.
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