CS to win 8 Laptop interface

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11 Jul 2015
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I cannot get the CS to handshake with my win 8 laptop. I think this is called "Fixed IP network".

Cleverscop ethernet setup.pdf does not explain what to do with IPV6 (what is subnet mask length?)
If I disable v6, and try to use V4, I still have no success. If it is a firewall problem, how do I troubleshoot that?

The ODT file explains this in much more detail.

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15 Jul 2015
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This file has information that worked for me. The main points are:

1) Disable (TCP/IPv6).

If V6 is enabled, the V4 settings keep getting erased.

2) Set the IPV4 address to
set the subnet mask to:

2) The Cleverscope IP address should be set to

(a different address than the computer IP address. This is ambiguous in the manual)

This subject is covered in the manual chapter 23 "Using cleverscope on a fxed IP network",
however some details are left out and the menu choices and window names are not right
for windows 8.

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7 May 2016
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Connecting the CS directly to a laptop is a nuisance, and you cannot use your ethernet for anything else.

A better way is to use an ethernet switch. These are $12 on ebay (TP link).

The switch will have 3 cat-5 connections:

1 =router/modem/Lan internet

2 = cleverscope

3 = pc (laptop or other)

When you "choose acquirer" just click on the clever scope entry and everything works !

No need to change settings, IP address, or anything else.

4 Jul 2018
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I am having some technical issues with my AOL laptop, its operating system is Windows 8, some of the applications are not running, for this reason, I contacted AOL tech support. This made me solve the issue, the applications which were not running had some issues with the Windows 8 interface.
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