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10 Sep 2015
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Is there an easy way to get the cursor values into excel?

I am using the cursors on the maths graph. I need to take several values to
average the noise power. I would like successive values of the "dv" (cursor 1 - cursor 2) to appear in
a spread sheet column.

Since I am using the exponential average, the samples are not independent of each other.

The exponential average can have a new value every time an FFT is finished. However, it will be highly correlated to the previous average since the decay rate of samples is small. Is there an easy way to know what the "decay" rate between successive displayed values is?

16 Jan 2016
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Yes you can use the Signal Information to log values as seen by the markers. If you place the markers on the part of the signal you want to save, you can select Marker Y to show the amplitude under the Marker, and Marker X to show the X axis value. Marker 1 maps to Chan A and Marker 2 maps to Chan B. Note that the markers can be on any channels. Make sure you have set the Information Source to Maths.

I hope this helps.

The decay rate is set by the Exponential Averaging count. This acts as an RC delay delay. Let N = Number of Averages, then we calculate
New Average = [New Value + (N-1) Old Value]/N, allowing you to calculate the difference.

2 Aug 2017
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You are correct, the updated exponential average is dependent on both the past accumulation and the new value. Can you please explain what the problem is here?

The decay rate is set in the Settings/Averaging dialog with the value 'Number of averages'. As explained above
New Average = [New Value + (N-1) Old Value]/N

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