Mains inductance

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17 Dec 2015
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Dear community!
I need to figure out the impedance (inductance and resistance contribution) of mains supplying SMPSs for inrush-current simulations. Now I am trying to find out if the cleverscope is the right tool to do such measurements. Especially if the 230VAC can harm the tool.

Would really appreciate you help.

Best regards

16 Jan 2016
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Hello Thomas,
To measure the impedance of the SMPSS mains supply, you need a known load, and then measure current and voltage into it, and from this deduce the supply impedance.

The Cleverscope can be used to do this, provided you use appropriate probes. An isolated differential probe is the best (and we sell some suitable ones), but a 100x probe will also do, provided you take care, and the supply is ground referenced.
You will also need to measure the current, so that you can determine the phase. The FRA part will use the phase information to calculate the inductance/resistance of the supply at the frequencies generated by the supply. You will need to use the FRA broad band (narrow band turned off) to do this.

Send us an email for further help if you need.


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