CS Crashed while running, now will not open

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6 Aug 2016
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I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit for my OS.
Recently while using CleverScope the application crashed. Now It crashes every time I try to run it.
I tried uninstalling then installing the latest version but still it crashes when I try to open it - even if my scope isn't plugged into the computer.
I have attached a screen captures of the problem details (1st picture is top half, then 2nd capture I scrolled down to show more of the details).

17 Aug 2016
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Hello, this was sorted by email.
The problem was that Greg was using a PicKit, which has a HID interface that looks exactly like a mouse. The Cleverscope application queries each mouse to see if it has a scroll wheel. If it does, the application uses the scroll wheel as a virtual knob for the last action (eg zoom in/out, move up/down). However, when the PicKit is asked through the HID if it has a scroll wheel its driver crashes, and kills of the Cleverscope app at the same time. There are two work arounds:
1. Disable the scroll wheel check - this is done with a config file change. Ask us for the details.
2. Unplug the Pickit before starting the app, and then plug it back in again once the app is started. Not so good, but it is a work around.
To date we have not managed to find a way to associate which mouse is a Pickit. Any help for that from anyone would be useful!

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