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23 Oct 2016
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Dear support team,
I would like to control CS320A with Matlab.I used Your drivers : Matlab Cscope Controller and Cscope Control DLL V2.7 from and copied two files ‘Cscope Control Driver.dll’ and ‘FTD2XX.dll’ in Windows/System32 and Windows/SysWOW64. In my MATLAB i run cleverscope_Aquisition_Example.m. Unfortunatelly, Matlab print error:
"Error using loadlibrary (line 419)
There was an error loading the library "Cscope Control Driver"
Cscope Control Driver.dll is not a valid Win32 application.
Error in cleverscope_open (line 10)
[notfound, warnings] = loadlibrary('Cscope Control Driver','Cscope Control Driver.h','alias',cscope);

Error in cleverscope_Aquisition_Example (line 26)
[result] = cleverscope_open('cscope');

Caused by:
Error using loaddefinedlibrary
Cscope Control Driver.dll is not a valid Win32 application."

My Matlab version is R2103a and i have win7 x64. What i do wrong?

Best regards,
rhcarter rhcarter

25 Oct 2016
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Hi Gosia,
To use our drivers you need to install the 32bit version of Matlab. The drivers stay in the Matlab data folder and are then available. At this time we only have 32bit drivers available.


29 Jul 2017
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Hi Roger,
Do you plan to roll out drivers for 64 bit version in the future. I only have the 64 version and that's where I have most of my projects. I can't install another version on the same computer side by side.

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