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2 Jun 2017
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I need to know what should i do for basic driver installation.
I have developed (modified) software written in (VS2008 Basic Simple Scope).
Now i want to use it through ethernet.
Currently I am doing it as (on win8 or win10)
1. Install drivers using CD (i do not install cleverscope application)
2. Install NI visa and LV runtime engine. (i have these separately in a folder)
3. Run software developed in (i dont install cleverscope application)
This works fine for me.

Now my question is regarding Step 1
How can i install drivers without CD?
How can i make my software run, if i need to install it somewhere remotely without having CD.
I have NI visa and LV engine in a folder.
Only issue is with drivers. Nothing shown in Device manager as well.
What files, where to to put driver files.
Please guide me with steps for minimal driver installation of cleverscope.
No need to install cleverscope application.


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