Win10 x64 Installation Freeze

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23 Dec 2017
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Every time I try to run the installer, it freezes. This is a new installation. I am running Win10 x64 with an i7 and 32GB of RAM. I select just the CS328A driver and the application software (NI-VISA is checked but disabled). It just sits there forever on the attached screen. I cannot move the dialog box; I cannot click "Cancel". I do have to run as administrator as my machine is fairly locked down.

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23 Dec 2017
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When you start the installer does anything at all happen - for example the CS328A USB driver dialogs start up? Is there any chance you have a firewall that could be causing issues.
The app is pretty new, but we have checked it with Win 10 x64 on several machines, and it has been fine.

Can you please do a Ctrl Shift ESC, and see how much CPU is being used by the installer? If 0%, then I'd be thinking a firewall or virus checker stalling it. Maybe you could turn off your virus checking and firewall. We use Bitdefender, and it is nor reporting any viruses in the build.

4th January
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I run setup.exe and I get the checkboxes. I uncheck the CS448 then click the Install button. The dialog changes to say that it is installing the Cleverscope CS328A Driver, but nothing else happens.

Maybe there is a firewall causing issues (I am on a corporate network). I know other people have installed this on their PC (not Win10) and never seemed to have any issues.

In Task Manager, setup.exe shows 0% CPU.

I unfortunately have very little control on my PC. We are using Symantec Endpoint Protection, but when I open it up, it says that "Proactive Threat Protection is disabled", so I don't think that's the problem. It appears as if there are no firewalls on my PC, but that doesn't mean there isn't a corporate one.
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