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3 Jan 2018
Posts: 4

Downloaded the long-awaited new version of the 4-channel application just a few hours before the announcement in the Xmas greetings mail.
Was happy to see the moving average filtering and the persistence are now included.
Could only today connect the CAU's and see how it worked.
I am happy with it, apart from the fact it is no longer possible to get all 16 bits at the same time on the screen, while that was possible in the 2013 version, which I've used extensively in the past years for debugging IC prototypes.
Did I miss a view option or is it really no longer possible?

17 Jan 2018
Posts: 414

I just checked this! You are right. We will fix this.

19 May 2018
Posts: 4

I installed the latest Cleverscope 4 version of early May, but still get only 9 digital traces at max at the same time in the display. Would really like to see back the possibility of 16 at the same time.
Glad to see the issue of freezing, when using time/div in the ns ranges, seems to be solved now.
Also like the improvement in navigation tools.
One other little thing, it seems not to be possible to use the sweep function of both function generators concurrently?
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