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26 Apr 2018
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Hi, We have a brand new model which we ordered and should have been the ethernet model number CS320AE. the box is labeled with the attached photo showing CS320A.

But the device does have an ethernet port, no USB.
Supplied with USB cable, not an ethernet cable.

Please clarify the model is correct.
Also clarify the bit rating.. 10 or 12 bits?

7 May 2018
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I will have a chat with Saelig. The label on the front is always CS320A, regardless of the interface. If you email us your address, we will send you an Ethernet cable in the post. Sorry about that.

Looking at rear panel I see that the labels have been redone (probably by Saelig who reconfigured, looking at the labels), and I see, which indicates that it is a 12 bit unit.

In any case, if you use Settings/Acquisition Settings after having acquired something, the actual bit resolution will be reported.

If you need help getting going let us know.

5 Sep 2020
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Purchase new Cleverscope Model is CS320AE(Ethernet Port), We install Software in Windows 10 Laptop, We provide Ip address and did setting as per the documents, but when we are doing self test, during that time its taking proper ip address and Serial number also Visible in the software, but we are not able to do self test, not getting any waveform, we connected the prob as per the instruction given in the documents, and then we click on Autoset also but not showing any signal in Scope Display, There is no connection problem because we are getting Serial number as well as Ip Address , please help us to resolve this issue

15 Sep 2020
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Hello Rakesh, were you using the unit on a DHCP network, or a fixed IP. Until you get the connection working, nothing else will work.

If it is fixed IP, there is a little more work - especially if you have a direct PC to CS328A connection. How to deal with all this is in the Ethernet chapter (chapter 23 in the CS328A user manual). Here you will find a DHCP network with a router issuing addresses is the easiest. Just plug the unit in, go to Settings/Choose Acquirer and set connection, then choose 'Ethernet - first IP address' as the Interface source. Make sure you see the unit displayed in the Cleverscope devices found section.

If you are using a direct to PC, follow section 23.2.

I do not understand what you mean by 'self-test'. The Power on unit self test runs at power on, before the network connection is made. It does test the ethernet module. The green led will come on, the red led will flash a few time, but then go out - this is a successful test. If the red led stays on, the test failed. Make sure you do not have any probes plugged into Channels A or B.

Please send us an email to support at cleverscope dot com for more help.

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