CS320A model clarification

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26 Apr 2018
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Hi, We have a brand new model which we ordered and should have been the ethernet model number CS320AE. the box is labeled with the attached photo showing CS320A.

But the device does have an ethernet port, no USB.
Supplied with USB cable, not an ethernet cable.

Please clarify the model is correct.
Also clarify the bit rating.. 10 or 12 bits?

7 May 2018
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I will have a chat with Saelig. The label on the front is always CS320A, regardless of the interface. If you email us your address, we will send you an Ethernet cable in the post. Sorry about that.

Looking at rear panel I see that the labels have been redone (probably by Saelig who reconfigured, looking at the labels), and I see, which indicates that it is a 12 bit unit.

In any case, if you use Settings/Acquisition Settings after having acquired something, the actual bit resolution will be reported.

If you need help getting going let us know.
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