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28 Apr 2018
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Hi All

We are Cleversccope virgins and just learning but we cannot get a SIGGEN square wave for love nor money... sine, triangle no problems... square just gives us DC at the set high level.

What are we doing wrong?

Many Regards


7 May 2018
Posts: 481

The CS701 does not make square or triangle (because there is a fault in the chip design, not documented in the data sheet). The CS700A does make square and triangle. At some stage, when we find the time we will implement AWG, and make it do square and triangle. The CS701 description says 'Isolated Signal Generator (0-65MHz, Sine Wave Only)'.


10 Aug 2018

I've noticed the same issue as Tony. Do you have an ETA on when this might be implemented by any chance? I'm just curious.

1 Nov 2018
Posts: 481

The CS448 sig gen now does square wave including duty cycle. We will implement a version of this on the CS701.

7 Nov 2018
Posts: 13

That will be welcome...
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