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6 Jul 2018
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We are trying to measure the low frequency impedance of some batteries. Is there anyway to increase the span of the FRA to 1mHz - 1kHz?

4 Jul 2019
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Hello Andrew,
Currently not.
But we have been working on a new FRA control panel in the background, and with this one we have a new graph which is a collection of XY points, rather than a linear graph. With 1mHz to 1kHz, we would need a point resolution of 1 mHz, and so 1M pints per Hz, so 1000M points. In the next incarnation, we will just plot decade values. So if there were 6 decades, with 100 points per decade that would be 600 points. Much better.

The sig gen currently has a lower limit of 100 mHz, as we have a maximum capture period of 10 seconds. (1/100 mHz). However we can use streaming to capture slower but this will need work. So the answer is that this is possible, but no one else has asked so far!

27 Oct 2023
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If memory serves, the current span capability is 6 decades. This is enough for any reasonable use case.

On the other hand, the CS701 is specified from 50mHz to 65MHz, which is a little over 9 decades. That entire span could be captured with two sweeps under the current 6 decade span limitation. It would be neat to be able to capture that full range in a single sweep, even if the software has to adjust certain equipment settings along the way.

Not necessary for reasonable purposes, but it would be cool.
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