Resizing the 8-channel digital display

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20 Apr 2005
Posts: 29

Could you make it so that the 8-channel digital display can be resized to fit the entire screen. We dont want to see the 2 analog channels.

1 May 2005
Posts: 477

being done as we speak. Update should be on the site by 7 May 05

8 Jan 2006
Posts: 29

Is it done?

If yes, please let me know the version number

If no, please let me have the schedule.


Happy New Year

8 Nov 2007
Posts: 2

Is this feature still in the works? Also, it would be nice to be able to only copy (to clipboard) the digital display. I frequently use only the digital channels and its really quite annoying having the analogue info there.
rhcarter rhcarter

8 Nov 2007
Posts: 109

It was going to be done but got too difficult to implement so dropped in our priority list. It is still on the list and when we can find a way to achieve it we will.

As far as only capturing only the digital channels I would recommend using Spider from 5 Clicks -

We use it all the time to capture screen shots and find it very simple to use. Once copied the image can be resized to suit.


1 Mar 2008
Posts: 13

I second the feature request to have digital channel resizing. I find that I end up using my CleverScope for purely digital work about %75 of the time, and the digital user interface is not as easy to use as it could be. Resizing would be a great start. Thanks-


20 Feb 2009
Posts: 9

I would really like to see this as well. Seems strange that the analog view resizes with the window but you are stuck with a rather small digital view.

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