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19 Jul 2019
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Getting Gain/Phase identification for power supply graphs show differences when applying different
amplitude on Signal Generator: 50mV and 75 mV. see attached.
The goal is identify the power supply on a wide range of variation on load and input to get TF.

It's possible that I miss some parameter configuration like gain factor?

8 Aug 2019
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Sorry, didn't see the post. Yes most power supplies are very sensitive to the level of over drive on the error loop, and making the sig gen output voltage too big will result in errors. For that reason we have the PSU Gain/Phase option, and an option of 'Auto' or 'AutTable' for the sweep amplitude. You set the Response V (volts) goal, and then the Auto system tries to achieve that. A goal of 3 - 10mV is a reasonable trade off between noise and accuracy. YOu can watch the Response SNR while the sweep executes and make sure it is at least 2, but more than 50 is better. You can increase or reduce Response V Goal to get an ok SNR.

If you do 'Auto' the system will find the correct sig gen amplitude variation automatically, but this takes time. If you use 'AutTable' the result of the Auto will be copied into the Amplitude Table, and the amplitude will change to 'Table', which runs faster.

See this video:

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