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19 Sep 2019
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Hello Bart,

Would like to ask if you could disclose which driver you found to be good for your low noise power isolation transformers in cleverscope? I'm currently looking at LT3439. Have you tried it?
I'm designing isolated(2kV floating) video acquisition module and seems to be unknowingly learned same lessons as you did, how important the symmetry there is.

Thanks Martin

7 Oct 2019
Posts: 481

Hi Martin,
Sorry, didn't see the post.
Yes the symmetry is very important, and the LT3439 is a good solution because it has controlled slew rate, and also you can use a LTC6902 to make the switching spread spectrum, which helps with EMC.

Pay particular attention to the symmetry of the power system, and have a good low impedance power supply (ie a mix of ceramic caps - we used multiple 100nF//22uF).


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