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AndersBogga AndersBogga

9 Oct 2019
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Hello, I am trying out a prototype version of CleverScope cs448 and I wanted to see if I can use the signal generator to control a relay to open for a short time and then close again. To do it I would want to create a dip or burts signal of 12V on command, but not a continous one.
Is this possible?

10 Oct 2019
Posts: 429

Hello Anders,
It's possible, with a work around, or properly only with some more software and using our CS1070 power amplifier. The sig gen does include a 4096 sample Arbitrary Waveform Generator, but we have not yet made the user interface for it. It is on our list. The signal generator on it's own can only output in the range +/-3.6V. So you would need a FET or transistor to control the relay, or use our CS1070 power amp, it gives you 1A output, with 50 MHz BW and +/-19V output range.

As a work around, using an N channel FET to drive the relay, you can set the Signal Generator to a waveform of DC, Max DC of 3.3V (say), Min of 0V DC, DC action of Sweep Up/Down Once, Sweep time of 0 (for fastest, or however many seconds you want the relay to stay active), and then click Start Sweep to make the pulse.

Another approach if you have a trigger to start the sweep, is to use the Maths Equation builder.

You can use any digital or analog input to make the initiating signal. Say we used Chan A>2V. The Maths Equation builder runs whenever there is a trigger, while the sig gen runs asynchronously. Set up Trigger = rising through 2V on Chan A. Use triggered capture, or Single if you want it to happen only once.

Set up Maths equation builder as
1,5 X:Y Sig Gen
1 means start a sweep, 5 means sweep on/off

You will need to Apply Equations, and have the Maths display open for the Maths to work.

If you wanted you could add some more Maths to do debouncing or time lockout.

I hope this helps.
AndersBogga AndersBogga

11 Oct 2019
Posts: 3

Hello Bart,

That sounds like a nice add-on although at the moment I don’t have the possibility to try the CS1070. It’s nice that you intend to add an interface for the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, I though it already had it, the specification says ‘Sine, arbitrary (incl patterns)’. Does that mean I can control it in some other way, not through a GUI?

Using a FET is a good idea and that’s probably the way I will go if I need to do it again. I managed with an old Siglent power supply and LabView for control, it could however only handle ~10ms dips.

I wanted to try to create the dip you suggested but I wasn’t able to do it. Would you mind correcting my settings? I'm attaching two pictures; the Signal Generator window and the Cscope Control window. I'm just trying to trigger the dip I create.

Thanks in advance!

edit: I did find under 'Signal Generator' - 'Arb Waveform Memory' - 'Using AD9102 - UI to be implemented still'.
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