Triangle wave from signal generator CS448

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9 Jan 2020
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Hello all,

I am currently learning how to use CS448, but just encountered a weird problem with the signal generator in CS448. When I tried to generate a triangle wave with the generator, it either outputs a sawtooth wave with very little amplitude (with some DC overlapped) from the "Direct" sma jack or a triangular wave but with flatted bottom from the "Filtered" sma jack, which seemed like a rail saturation. The screenshots are in the attachments, is the generator designed to behave like this?

BTW the probe was set to X10, with the original adapter to sma.

Thank you all!

22 Jan 2020
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Sadly the AWB chip we use (AD9102) does not properly support triangle wave, just as it does not support square wave. So we will do another update in which we use the AWB to make the triangle wave. But that update will be big, and includes other arbitrary types of waveforms such as double pulse testing signals, and modulated sine waves. As not so many people have asked for this, we will do it when the high priority stuff is finished (8 channel is done, FRA is improved, Ethernet and 500 MSPS are next, then filtering).

26 Jan 2023
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Hi Bart,

is there a new status about the above mentioned topic? I am facing similar issues with the triangle signal. Additionally it is not reacting to frequency changes. For e.g. square or sine it behaves like expected.
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