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13 Jan 2020
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It is great to see there is a USB-C connector on your CS448 product but I think it is being under-utilised. For example, it could be replacing the DC power jack. That way you may be able to power it from the laptop it is paired with. Alternatively it could use a stand-alone battery like the Mophie USB-C 3XL that holds about 94 Wh and can source 45 Watts. There are several such products on the market. They are not cheap, but they are cheaper than custom solutions. You might also use USB-C for synchronizing multiple CS448 scopes. Obviously you would probably need two or possibly 3 receptacles to handle all this functionality with a bit of redundancy. Plus you might like to look at the USB Type-C Locking Connector Specification for added robustness and supply a cable to match. Just dreaming ...
Any progress on the Linux UI front?
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