power supply for CS328A

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13 Jan 2020
Posts: 21

I need another power supply for CS 328 A. It is part CS1050
I am not willing to pay $97 shipping for this. Can You just tell me the dimensions of the connector and
i'll try to buy someithing off ebay?

16 Jan 2020
Posts: 21

The connector size seems to be 5.5mm x 2.5mm (Od x id).

The manual says 6 -20V DC, 6W
label on back of cleverscope: 6-16V, 6VA

ebay search string: power adapter 12V 5.5x2.5mm

you can get 12V 1A for $8.

Assume the CS has a switcher inside, so you need the rated I*V to be at least 6W.

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