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AndersBogga AndersBogga

21 Feb 2020
Posts: 12

I just recently set up my cs448 scope and connected the probes to the PROBE COMP output and found it gives ~7.5V. I found two different specifications one on the product page and one when I did a site-wide search for COMP.

In the specification from 5 May 2017 v1.1 it says 2V amplitude 1kHz square wave.
In the specification from 26 June 19 v1.3 it says 8-12V (programmable), and further down it says the same as v1.1.

It seems there are a few iterations leading up to the scope version I have, and it is a little time consuming if I have to second guess information that I find about the scope, and I get trust issues.

Where do I find the most relevant specification and manual related to the scope that I have? Or is it still being written?

Or is it possible to see changes made between versions depending on what serial number scope I have?

31 Mar 2020
Posts: 481

Hello Anders,
Sorry about the delay. We are confined to home here in New Zealand, and this is a perfect time for us to do some jobs that always get pushed aside. So we are going to update the manual so it covers both the CS448 and the CS328A, and make the probe calibration system work finally.

There are two calibration outputs on the CS448 - these are:
1. The probe compensation BNC, which outputs 5-12V at 1kHz, with very fast slew rate (<1ns). The CS328A Probe Comp output is 2V, 1kHz. The system to change the amplitude already works, and there is a USB command for it. We just have to add something to the UI to control it. The plan is to make it variable amplitude (5-12V), variable frequency, and variable duty cycle. Currently it sits at 7.5V because that is good for compensating a 10x probe on the +/-800mV range.
2. We have a DC calibration reference on the left hand side in the little holes. It is a high precision reference, switchable between 0, 681.8mV and 7.5V. Accuracy is 0.035%. We can already software switch it. The plan is to allow the user to calibrate the whole signal chain, including the probe, by putting a spring ground clip on the probe, probing the two holes, and clicking a channel specific calibrate button.

The current CS448 v1.3 specification is pretty close. I have no idea how the CS328A Probe Compensator description got in there, we will fix it.
AndersBogga AndersBogga

8 Apr 2020
Posts: 12

Great, thanks for the reply.
Do you guys have some sort of newsletter you send out with updates about firmware, development, milestones etc?

Take care and be careful with this whole coronavirus business!
rhcarter rhcarter

9 Apr 2020
Posts: 114

Hi Anders,
We do but it has been a while. It is on my list for the next week or two while in lock-down.

I will add you to our subscription list.

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