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7 Mar 2020
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Hi there,

Is it possible to load on the scope display various measurement files in order to compare them? for instance 2 measurements same triggered but taken at different temperatures.

31 Mar 2020
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Hello Hugo,
It is possible to compare them.
Capture the signal you want to use as a reference. Do a Save As..
At some later stage, capture a new signal. Use the 'AddRef' option in persistence to save the signal on the screen. Then open the original reference. Both signals will be displayed in the screen. You can use the trace selection control (on the right hand side of tool buttons on the scope graph) to select a trace, and then move the tracer on the trace to make measurements.

Or you can use AddRef after each run at a different temperature to put all the results onto one screen, and then annotate them using the annotate tool for temperature.
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