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31 Mar 2020
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One scope, many spec sheets.
1kV, 2kV, 1.5kV Which is it?

Best regards!
Torbjörn A

31 Mar 2020
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Yes it has been a moving feast. When we started we were aiming at 1kv Cat III. We completed Digitizer version 1.5, which is what we sell now. This has completely separated input channels sitting in an isolation tray with no PCB connection to the low voltage side. The tray allows us to offer 20mm creepage and 16mm clearance, which is good to meet the measurement Category III standard for 1kV (ie the mains input connection is <1kV, most mains supplies are 400V, for which we are Category IV). The limiting value is clearance, and it needs to be at least 14.3mm for an IEC61010-02-030 Table K.101 Category III rating at 1kV.

If we are using the CS448 on a secondary circuit, eg looking at a power electronics module in a power system which is protected by a fuse (ie not directly at the mains voltage supply), then the limiting value is creepage distance, which is covered by table K.13. We use a material group 1 plastic for insulation, with pollution degree 2, where a 10mm creepage is required for a 2kV rating. Ours is 20mm, so we offer a 2kV rating on secondary circuits.

I attach a descriptive document.

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