Max baud rate for UART decode

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10 Dec 2020
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I was testing the CS448 demo we had and was trying to setup decoding some UART serial data in our system. Which runs at 921K baud, is the cleverscope's max baud decode rate 115K? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

10 Dec 2020
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Hello Steve,
The decode rate is arbitrary. It's good to supply an initial estimate of the bit time in the Uart setup tab - in your case 1.09u, which you can type directly into the ser Bit Time field. The software will figure it out from there. The Baud rate drop down is just to make it easy to prefill the bit time. You do need to specify the format of the serial data (eg 8 data, parity? (mostly not), msb first? (mostly it is LSB first), ser Idle high (true if logic level). You can decode the analog channels (you will have to set the threshold voltage), or the digital inputs (click on the drop down). If you have further questions, please ask. See Protocol Setup on page 138 of the manual, or for streaming decode an example on page 77.
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