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29 Nov 2022
Posts: 9

Hello. I need to output a train of pulses of a set amount. For instance 10 square waves at a given frequency and amplitude. Is there a way of achieving this? Thnx

30 Nov 2022
Posts: 477

Hello Nicolas,
Currently not. However we have been working on a new output module which will allow the sig gen trigger to be activated using a software command, a digital in, or the trigger you have set up to capture a signal. Once this is done we will add a new sig gen software control module which will do what you want. This might take us a while, depending on other demands.

The sig gen chip we use is capable of triggered burst generation, arbitrary waveforms, and modulation.

You can use the Maths Equation builder to turn the sig gen on and off programmatically, but the scope must be capturing to make this happen. You do this with the sig gen process. I will make another post about this tomorrow (I am away at the moment).


14 Dec 2022
Posts: 9

Ok, thnx fer answer. I am not very good at manipulating hardware with software... I can build an analog solution to this much easier.
Looking forward to the new feature in a future upgrade.
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