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30 Dec 2022
Posts: 13

After using my CS328A extensively for three days in a row, my eyes are tired and sore.
Is there a "dark mode" setting? It would be so much easier on the eyes.

I also have run into the gdBa bug going from FRA to Spectrum mode. My lab computer is not x64, so update is not possible?

Thanks guys.

30 Dec 2022
Posts: 481

You can set the colours to whatever you want, including dark. Use Settings/Colours. After getting the colours and background the way you want them, do a File/ Save As.. And save a file you can use as a preference.

A work around for switching between FRA and Spectrum mode is to turn the FRA back on, switch the analysis type to Rms spectrum, and then turn it off again.

I hope this helps.

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