Max voltage stuck on a channel

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9 Feb 2023
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Hello. It seems my chA is clipping at 9V... It is as if I've reached the upper input voltage limit of the channel. But no matter what setting I try, it just wont go higher than 9V...

Is there some setting I have managed to set that I am not aware of?

Also, when selecting higher voltage divisions, the traces become so thin they are hard to see. As if I am just zooming way out... Is there a way of keeping trace width the same no matter what voltage division is selected?

rhcarter rhcarter

9 Feb 2023
Posts: 114

If you are using a x10 probe and have the range lock on that is exactly what you will see.

Range lock is available to ensure the best dynamic range but will clip the signal at ±0.9V. Unlock the padlock and auto switching will resume. The second image below shows the location.

Under Settings | Setup and Markers there are three options for trace size.


11 Feb 2023
Posts: 9

ok great. Didn't see the padlock button but found it eventually. Nice feature. I guess I need to actually start reading the manual! I love the scope performance and the isolated channels, but obviously need to learn all it's perks.
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