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9 Feb 2023
Posts: 9

Hello. I am having offsets on my channels, -10mV on chA and -20mV on B. Any way of fixing this? The probe tip is of course shorted to probe return clip.
rhcarter rhcarter

9 Feb 2023
Posts: 114

Hi Nickolas,
Try running a Standard Calibration - after it has warmed up for a while

Another possibility is that you might be looking at a high frequency signal. If the probe compensation is incorrect, then the probe gain might not be right, and there will be an apparent offset. Use the probe comp output, with the BNC adaptor attached to the probe (in the probe accessory pack), and check the offset close to the trigger point - looking at the 0 volts part of the waveform, and adjust the probe comp screw on the probe for 0 volts.

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