How to choose down-sampling in Maths display

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20 Jun 2023
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I noticed that the math display is a down-sampled version of my data depending on the full number of samples I captured. Meanwhile, the tracking display shows the full resolution of 2,5 ns (see attached picture).

I would like to perform math operations on the full time horizon with full resolution and export results to a text file.

Is there a setting to choose the sample rate for maths calculations / display?


20 Jun 2023
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Hello Tweiken,
There is a way. It's a bit round about but this is what you do:
1. Click 'Get Frame' on the Cscope Control panel. It is down the bottom left hand side. This will move all the samples into the PC.
2. On the Maths Display, change 'Source' to Full Buffer. Maths will now be over all the samples. You can then zoom just as with the tracking graph.

We have a task in our task list to change this. If the users sets the source to Full Buffer, we will automatically get the full buffer if the process is not -->. If the process is --> we will do the same as the tracking display, and just move the sample set that corresponds to the new time axis, and do the Maths on them.

The goal here is that a process (eg a filter or an integration) still operates over the time defined by the scope display, otherwise truncation effects will be a probem.

I hope this helps.


20 Jun 2023
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Thanks Bart, for the quick reply. It worked out as you described.

4 Jul 2023
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Hi Bart,

I came across some difference of Math and Scope display again. Still the same setup as described above. If I zoom in to µs, the math channel has the full resolution of samples now (2,5 ns). But when I zoom out on the full length of samples (10 ms) and then "Save as text" from the math view, I end up with the displayed resolution of 250 ns (-> 40k lines of data). Meanwhile "Save as text" from scope view for 10 ms of data will result in 2,5 ns resolution (4M lines in text file).
I would like to have a 2,5 ns resolution text output with all math channels. The background is, that I want to analyze the data within a more complicated python program. I cannot perform this function in the math equation builder nor in an isolated matlab function.

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