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31 Aug 2005

Hi cleverscoperians,

just to think about it....
I use the Cleverscope often when i'm out of my laboratory. And I'm always afraid that the scope could falling down to the ground and is damaged. I think it would be better when the BNC Conectors would be placed in a another way, so that such a crash would not damage it. Maybe a Rubberprotector like we all know of our mulitmeters would help.

Best greetings from Austria


12 Oct 2005
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Hello dear Austria,
that's a very good suggestion. We have been thinking about a molding that would also allow you to stand the cleverscope vertically, taking less desk space. Maybe we could kill two birds with one stone!
greetings from New Zealand!

14 Jan 2006

Hi Bart.
A field mounting kit would be a good idea.
You may also want to consider a 5.25"" PC bay mount for those who use the scope on one bench/PC.
It could house the scope in a standard bay like some audio cards and memory card units.
This would then take up zero bench space and make it safe from theft (unless someone tried to walk off with the whole PC) - might be a good addition for the educational market.
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