CS1133 V_SAT calibration

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18 Jul 2023
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Hello Bart,

the CS1133 V_SAT probe documentation states that there is a calibration function for the probe since CScope application version 4. But where do I find it?

I see considerable DC offset for the measured V_SAT, which also seems to be dependent on the probe's temperature.


7 Aug 2023
Posts: 481

Hello Thilo,
There is as yet no calibration function in the application. We have two other software jobs to do, and that will be next. It is a wider problem than just the CS1133, we are making it that calibration tables are stored in everything that could be calibrated (CS1200, CS1070, CS1133, CS548 Channels, and user calibrations for current and voltage probes. We are also finalizing the time delay calibration system. There is a bit to do.

On temperature dependant offsets, I shall talk to Ken the designer about the current source. We already compensate for temperature variation in the devices (SicDiodes and two Fets) in the signal path. We will get back to you.

Sorry for the delay.
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