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17 Oct 2023
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I have a problem with exporting the whole recorded sequence.
When I measure a signal with all four Channel active at 400Mhz, I get about 24ms of recorded time and 9.6MS in total.
For further analysis I need to export all 9.6MS. Unfortunately I can not export more than 1MS at a time to a textfile. My current workaround is to look at the first 10% of the data, export it, do the next 10% and so on. After that I merge all 10 files to one big file with all the 9.6MS.
I suppose there is a more efficient way already build into the UI that I could not find.
Is there any and if so, how can I activate the export from all data at once in one file?
rhcarter rhcarter

17 Oct 2023
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Under acquisition settings I have set the Full Buffer Limit to 10MS

Acquire, Get Frame and it shows 10M available and duration of 50msec. I save as Text File and get a file of 743Mb and 10M samples. I open the file and there are 10000040 lines (including the header) so it has saved successfully.


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