0 position moves at lower resolution

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14 Dec 2023
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I have found that the 0 position will move when I change to a lower resolution Volts or Amps / division. In the attached picture, all I did was change the mA/div from 500mA/div to 25mA/div, and the 0 position shifted up somewhat. Is this expected, and is there a way to lock the 0 position to the center of the screen no matter what V or A / div setting you are on?
rhcarter rhcarter

14 Dec 2023
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Hi Timothy, when changing amplitude the grid will normalise. This means that the 0 may shift a bit to meet the new axis position. That is part of the Labview process we are using but we will investigate if it is possible to lock the centre.


14 Dec 2023
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Hi Timothy,
I'd like to add a note on this. Yes, the graph axis will normalize, but the main deal is that we try and keep the signal stationary on the screen as you zoom in and out. This is deliberate. We are signal orientated!

In your situation, if the 0 were fixed, as you zoom in, the signal would dissapear off below the bottom of the screen, and you would no longer see it. You would then have to move the display up to see the signal again. We saw that as a negative.

Please can you expain why you want the 0 locked? I guess we could investigate making this yet another option.

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